Unshakable Confidence – How to Build DEEP Inner Strength to Achieve HIGH Barrel Racing Goals

Unshakable Confidence – How to Build DEEP Inner Strength to Achieve HIGH Barrel Racing Goals

This month we’ve already gone deep to offer no-nonsense tips and techniques for upping your mental game. But how DEEP are you willing to go?

Our personal comfort with depth is an important topic, because it determines the height of our success. The higher level goals we have for our horses, the deeper their foundation must be, and it’s NO different for us.

Here at BarrelRacingTips.com, I primarily focus on areas related to developing and refining our horse’s education. But there’s A LOT more to jockeying a barrel horse successfully than just riding well, or even being a great trainer.

The rodeo lifestyle so many of us dream of, is a tough one. How prepared we are to handle those especially tough times is a BIG part of what determines whether they will continue.

The classic quote by legendary football coach Vince Lomardi states “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up.” and who can forget Rocky Balboa’s “It’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving.”

While I realize that “falls” and “hits” are sometimes part of the process – what if we could transform what would otherwise be a face plant into only a minor stubbed toe?

Don’t wait until your inner foundation is challenged to find out where your weak links are, and don’t let challenges sidetrack you for several days when they could sidetrack you for ten minutes.

Especially don’t wait until you experience high pressure circumstances to realize you’re not quite prepared – instead get started with a “strength building program” with the help of today’s video (best viewed in speed setting 1.25x).

We traded some sound quality for a beautiful backdrop this week – my apologies! Upgraded wireless microphone coming soon.

Sometimes, I think we falsely believe that if our conditions just changed that things would be easier. If we just had a higher-powered horse, a nicer rig, an arena at home, etc. – but even when we do have all the right “tools” to make putting ourselves and our horses to the test more convenient – doing so never really gets easier.

The higher the stakes, the higher the pressure – the more heads that are watching, the more heads will be turning. Even achieving the success we’ve always dreamed of as a barrel racer doesn’t “make it easier” – in fact, the “I’ll be happy or satisfied or content or enough when ________” finish line is an illusion.

If anything, it becomes even more challenging to keep winning, and simply requires us to continuously up-level our skills and especially – deepen our inner strength.

We’ll still encounter problems, they’ll just be higher quality.

“Don’t shrink your dreams. Super-size your courage and abilities.” – Karen Salmansohn

We know that how we start our rides with our horses, and how we start our runs in the ally is critically important, and we’re always reminded to end our rides on a positive note – so why wouldn’t we intentionally transfer these habits into our own life?

I want to go even further in today’s post to help you do that!

I’ve linked to The Five Minute Journal below, but for some structure to begin and end your days powerfully starting right now, click here to open, save and print copies of your complimentary “Barrel Racing Excellence” journaling page.

For more resources related to today’s topic, follow the links below:

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