Turn First Barrel Stress into SUCCESS with a Customized Problem Solving Plan!

Have you ever experienced RSPA?

It’s a very common condition among barrel racers, known as “Rate/Shape Point Anxiety.” It happens most commonly before the first barrel turn, but is known to take place before the second and third barrel as well.

Symptoms include confusion, stress, nervousness, stutter stepping, second guessing, hesitation, and even fear, worry, as well as extreme hand and leg movements.

Going by the Barrel - A Symptom of
Going by the Barrel – A Common Symptom of “Rate/Shape Point Anxiety”

It doesn’t have to happen to you, help is here…

In today’s new video post here on Barrel Racing Tips.com, I’ve outlined a simple system for problem solving, troubleshooting and tuning that brings clarity to a very grey, anxiety filled area (OR any area on the pattern, actually).

You may even relate to and receive insight from the example problem described and shown in the video below.

Although I expect the steps I’ve explained to relieve your symptoms of RSPA, keep in mind that completely recovering from it is a process that takes time, experience, and…. LESSONS (in my book, a “mistake” is a LESSON, IF you learn something from it).

You see, although there’s plenty to learn through reading and watching videos, your intuitive problem solving (and problem prevention) system will REALLY kick in once you’ve actually made mistakes, then had to fix them.

Until you have the opportunity for that deep, profound kind of learning that only takes place through experience, no matter what challenges you face, the video below will prove helpful on your barrel racing journey, and hopefully make the symptoms of RSPA that we’ve all suffered from, a little less painful and time consuming.

Once you’ve enjoyed the video, don’t forget to download your FREE worksheet below!

Click here to download the printable PDF 3×3-ABC Problem Solving Worksheet.

What challenges in your barrel racing training are you looking forward to overcoming in the near future? Let’s hear it in the comments!

IF the problems I used to have with Pistol sound all too familiar, these past barrel racing articles and videos may prove helpful as well:

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5 replies
  1. Haley C.
    Haley C. says:

    my horse iron man and i have just starting out bout 5 months ago, but i have a problem 🙁 he keeps fighting me when we are about to turn the barrel and refusing to go, he’ll rear up or sometime try to buck me off, I mean i tried and tried with him for months now, he seems to enjoy going fast i don’t no if i should start ponying him with our Thoroughbreds or keep trying. What should i do with him???

  2. Renee
    Renee says:

    Hi, love your tips, i am having a problem with sitting my first barrel (to the right) i can’t seem to stay centered, i come out too much forward and to the right to where i am having to pull myself back with the horn and my hands are way to high.

    • Heather Smith
      Heather Smith says:

      Hi Renee, you might pay close attention to how your feet are positioned in the stirrups in general when you ride, when they are more straight forward (not extremely toes out) you’ll have a more secure foundation – it’s a good habit to get into. Also, riding some bareback circles will really tell you if you’re bracing/leaning to one side.
      There are some great rider exercises in “The First 51” and you might also enjoy Bareback Balance for Barrel Racers.


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