The Barrel Racing SECRETS are Out!

Here we are – January 31st, 2012 and I honestly don’t have words (how rare is THAT?) to describe how excited I am to announce the release of my first book, Secrets to Barrel Racing Success!’ 

But rather than give you details on what’s included in it, today I wanted to share the story of how Secrets to Barrel Racing Success came to life…     
To say that 2011 was a big year for me, well that’d be an understatement.  I didn’t enter as many barrel races as most years, I didn’t get a new horse (I actually GAVE ONE AWAY)! 

Playing in the Creek.
Playing in the Creek.

In fact, my barrel horse and I enjoyed making “the big circle” to check yearlings numerous times, and my most memorable moment with my horse was splashing around in a creek on a 100+ degree August day with a good friend, her horse and our dogs – what a blast!

What I’m getting to, without going into a lot of details, is that 2011 was HUGE for me personally, therefore it’s been HUGE for me in every other way. 

This is especially true in the areas of horsemanship and barrel racing.  After all, when we really learn and grow in a certain area, we expand in others as well.  After an unforgettable summer, last fall I really started to release fear, and get clear

Now I’ve never been one to meander aimlessly through life, but there came a moment a few months ago when it was as if I was standing alone, in a dark, cold, completely quiet arena. 

Then with a big BOOM, it felt as though someone had switched on the bright, high powered lights and in an instant – my life was suddenly illuminated! 

Actually, although it seemed to occur that way, my shift was probably in the making for quite some time.  In reality, my new sense of clarity probably came to me more like the light from those big, old barn lights that buzz and take forever to turn on. 

I realized, for the first time, when I looked back on the last 30+ years…

That the experiences through which I developed and then dissolved my own blocks, and opened up a path to the success I always wanted, was for a purpose

Secrets to Barrel Racing Success (and the book series), is it

Secrets to Barrel Racing Success
Secrets to Barrel Racing Success

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably skeptical and thinking something like…

“Oh yeah, SECRETS to Barrel Racing SUCCESS!?  Another book full of common sense basics I already understand…Blah, blah, blah…”

But, you should know that I did NOT choose the title for lack of a better name. 

I was very deliberate, and chose ‘Secrets to Barrel Racing Success‘ because the contents really DO provide what I feel are the little known secrets to successful barrel racing! 

And of course, it’s one thing to “know” something and another entirely to apply and fully understand it.

These are secrets I’ve discovered through years of having an insatiable desire for learning.  Years of not only training and competing in rodeos, 4D barrel races and barrel futurities, but also reining, in addition to starting colts, and rehabilitating troubled horses. 

As the “lights” started to shine on my own barrel racing journey, I realized that many others HAVE experienced or ARE experiencing the same darkness I have.  Quite simply, I couldn’t realize this and keep it all to myself. 

This quote sums it up perfectly…

“There are two great days in a person’s life the day we are born and the day we discover why.”  – William Barclay

So this winter, I turned the horses out to pasture.  Other than providing coverage from the NFR and saddling up to film a few Q&A videos, I was at my desk writing.  I’m not complaining one bit, though. 

Similar to being on bed rest to ensure the delivery of a healthy baby (well not that similar), I’ve been totally content to watch the horses out my office window in the past few months, in order to bring Secrets to Barrel Racing Success to life. 

I will say that I’m equally as excited to resume my riding and competing schedule in the coming weeks as I am for the release of ‘The Secrets‘. 

I’ve actually learned a ton through writing the book, and my greatest wish is that YOU’ll benefit from and enjoy it as much as I’ve benefited from and enjoyed bringing it to you! 

So if you haven’t already, Click Here to get your copy AND your FREE Speed Guide (my treat), instantly!

So there you have it, some bits of the story on how my “light bulb moment” inspired me to bring ‘The Secrets‘ from dream to reality. 

If you’re ready to make YOUR barrel racing dreams reality, click here to join me.

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  1. Pat Beck
    Pat Beck says:

    I think you actually wrote this book directly to me, everything in it and on your website is point blank directed at my horsemanship. i was mindlessly riding and micromanaging for years. now my light bulb has come on to study, i still do not know why i was put on this earth, but now i am communicating with my horses, and that is enough for now..

    • Heather Smith
      Heather Smith says:

      Way to go Pat! All the times I’ve had “light bulb moments,” I just KNEW that other people were missing the same things I had for years – you’re not alone! Glad to hear you’re on “the upward spiral!” 😉


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