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Six Tips for a Tight Third Barrel

In today’s Q&A video, we’ve described six reasons why horses blow off the third barrel (the reasons also apply to ANY other barrel), AND what to do (which may surprise you), once you’ve pinpoited the problem. When troubleshooting, keep in mind that it’s likely there are a combination of things occurring, so a resolution may require addressing the problem from several different angles.

Tea and Crumpets... on the Barrel Pattern!?
Tea and Crumpets… on the Barrel Pattern!?

I certainly feel the frustration anyone has with this issue, because I used to struggle with my horse coming wide off the first barrel. Maybe you’ve felt your horse leave a barrel wide and then make a time consuming swoop instead of a laser-like straight line, and in that moment didn’t feel like whatever you did to correct the error was very effective! The solution to MY first barrel issue was featured in a past Q&A that you might also find helpful, titled Two Contradictory Tips to be Straight and Fast Between Barrels.

If you watch the video below and Read more