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Start Your Summer Barrel Racing Season Right

Preparation is the key to stree-free hauling and peak performance.Preparation is the key to stree-free hauling and peak performance.

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I’ve never believed in doing things half way.  Whether it’s barrel racing, business or relationships, when I commit to something, I give my all. 

I figure if I’m going to invest my time and energy in something, that something must be important. 

Otherwise, why do it at all? 

It’s interesting that such a large percentage of people walk through life just hoping to make it through with as little effort as possible.  Sometimes these people actually achieve some success in the barrel racing arena.  However, their success is sporadic at best. 

So how can you gain a definite edge? 

How can you set yourself up to achieve barrel racing success and stay competitive? 


This may seem obvious, or even simple, but it’s easier said than done!

Now is the time to analyze where you’re going, and if you are really prepared to go there. 

Have you set yourself up to succeed and come out on top of any situation that comes your way, no matter how unexpected? 

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