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Success Leaves Clues – Lessons from a Day with Mary Walker and Latte

Success Leaves Clues – Lessons from a Day with Mary Walker and Latte

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Mary Walker is a world-class lady who has “been there and done that.”

And not just because she’s 55 years old, OR a World Champion.

Of course I have a great deal of respect for her as barrel racer, but even more because of the trials she’s overcome.

If you watch the top 15 walk across the stage to receive their back numbers, and look close – you’ll see what I saw in Mary.

A sense of contentedness in her own skin – sheer presence, joy, humble confidence and sincerity. Read more

Down the Alley with the 2013 Top 15 NFR Barrel Racers

Do you ever just wish you could have coffee with an NFR barrel racer? You know, pick their brain a bit… ask them what it’s REALLY like – the check-in, the parties, the meetings, grand entry practice, barrel practice, waiting in the alley, navigating all the excitement and obligations that come along with being a barrel racing super star!?

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!

Maybe you’re more interested in the actual process of making NFR dreams reality. If that’s the case, click here for last week’s article – “What it Takes to Make NFR Dreams Come True.”

If you’re obsessed with horse power, today’s post not only allows you to get up close and personal with rodeo’s leading ladies as they arrive in Las Vegas and prepare for the National Finals Rodeo, but includes links to pedigrees of the horses you’ll see racing down the tunnel each night.

No matter where your specific interests lie, there’s no doubt about it – getting the low down from all 15 of the 2013 NFR barrel racers is not only a great learning opportunity, it’s just plain fascinating!

So I won’t hold you back any longer, in the #1 earnings position heading into the prestigious ten day event is none other than three time world champion and SIXTEEN time NFR qualifier…


Sherry Cervi
Sherry Cervi

Tell us about the horse(s) you will be riding at the 2013 NFR?
I will be taking MP Meter My Hay, aka Stingray, an 11 year old and MP A Man With Roses, George a 10 year old; both horses are by PC Frenchman Hayday.

How would you describe your horse’s running/turning style?
Stingray never stops moving all the way around the barrels. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big pen or a little pen she runs the same.

What are you looking forward to most when you get to Las Vegas?
Hopefully winning lots of money!

What is an average day for you at the NFR?
After I get my Starbucks, whatever sponsorship obligations I have, I fulfill them and then get ready for the rodeo! I am not much of a nightlife person so I don’t stay at a casino hotel, I stay at a hotel that is real quiet. Read more

Barrel Talk with NFR Barrel Racing World Champion, Mary Walker

Mary Walker Accepting her 7th Go-Round Buckle
Mary Walker accepting her buckle after winning the 7th round.

At 53 years young, Mary Walker’s dream came true in 2012 when she qualified for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

She wowed the crowds as she and her gelding, “Latte” won four rounds, set a new WNFR earnings record, won the WPRA best dressed award, the Top Gun award for a new Ram truck, and utimately the 2012 Barrel Racing World Champtionship.

Mary has overcome adversity and inspired thousands on her road to the WNFR. In April of 2011, Mary and her husband, Byron lost their 21 year old son Reagon in an auto accident. Only two months later Latte fell on her at a rodeo – shattering her pelvis, fracturing her back and requiring numerous plates, screws and months of rehab.

If you’re a barrel racer with dreams of making the NFR, Mary’s story is one that will inspire you to ask “What’s my excuse!?” Triumph really can come from tragedy and Mary is testimony to that.
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Five Pre-Run Rituals of the Top 15 WNFR Barrel Racers

NFR Opening Ceremonies
NFR Opening Ceremonies

The introduction to this week’s Q&A will be short and sweet.

But should your pre-run ritual be?

How long does it take YOU to prepare for a run?

If you’re like most barrel racers, you follow at least somewhat of a routine, but how you prepare (and how long you prepare) can make or break your run.

Learning about the pre-run rituals of the top 15 WNFR barrel racers can definitely deliver insight into potential changes that may catapult your own barrel racing success to a new level, and that’s exactly the goal of this week’s Q&A video.

When we asked the top 15 what their pre-run rituals where, and many of their answers were similar. We’ve summarized their replies and discussed them further in the video below which was filmed LIVE from Las Vegas at the 2012 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo!
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2011 Warm Up with the Top 15 NFR Barrel Racers

One of the best strategies for success in any area is to find a mentor, someone you admire who has accomplished what you want to accomplish, and study their habits.  Learn in detail what it takes to reach their level and do the same. 

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!

We recently caught up with the top 15 2011 NFR Qualifiers.  Each were asked a series of questions, and in return we received a special insiders peek into the world of barrel racing’s highest achievers.  The similarities were surprising, obviously more than just entertaining trivia, their answers provide a great learning opportunity for those with NFR dreams. 

As you enjoy coverage of the NFR brought to you by BarrelRacingTips.com take time to reflect on the words of professional rodeo’s leading ladies, let their answers really sink in, and then ask yourself…

  • What are you doing that is similar? 
  • What are you doing that is different? 

To become a champion, it’s important to first understand the habits of champions and develop them yourself.  Common threads noted in the interviews include making horse health priority, a willingness to make numerous sacrifices, intense dedication and the presence of strong support team.  Unlike the case of the chicken and the egg, an NFR qualification only comes next in line to those that develop the habits of champions FIRST.

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