Six Steps to Seek and Secure Sponsorship for Barrel Racing

Whether you’re ready to obtain sponsorship to help support your barrel racing habit ASAP, OR if you just want to learn more about the process for future reference, there’s an important First Step that applies either way.

That is to take a look at your outlook surrounding the IDEA of pursuing sponsorship.

You’re likely to fall somewhere in the middle of two camps.

Either you…

A. Think sponsorship is only for pros, and would never dream of seeking sponsors until you’re winning at a professional level. You’re a realist, you’re independent, you work hard, you’re not looking for handouts. You don’t mind earning your way to the top, even if it means doing it alone. You’re confident and want to advance your barrel racing career, but deep down you might be a little hesitant to take the leap.


B. Don’t have a lot of experience with barrel racing, but you have a lot of enthusiasm! And although you don’t have a history of high placings, wins or countless hours in the saddle, and can’t offer anything yet in return for sponsorship, you feel as though you deserve sponsorship because of what you know you can win in the future – with the right kind of support.

Which one of these examples do you tend toward? Read more

Budgeting for Barrel Racers – Plan Now, Celebrate Later!

Budgeting for Barrel Racers - Plan Now, Celebrate Later!

For some, money is an taboo topic you just don’t talk about.

But barrel racers know it can make or break you.

What’s not shared, can’t help others. Silence keeps us stuck.

So for the greater good, let’s just dive in and put it all on the table, shall we?

My husband once had a roping partner who would hock one of his saddles at a pawn shop on the way to the rodeo so he could afford to enter, then buy it back on the way home with his winnings. As funny as this is looking back, I don’t recommend it!

Much like the first steps for creating sanity-saving and goal-reaching SYSTEMS to make the most of our time, we also need to start in this area with a reality check.

After all, it’s hard to manage time OR money well, when you don’t have any.

I’m not going to delay before coming right out and sharing that the most important piece of advice I could offer someone for funding their barrel racing dreams (or just adequately preparing for the next season), is this: No matter how enthusiastic, obsessed or legitimately talented or skilled you OR your horses are DO NOT SPEND MONEY YOU DO NOT HAVE.

Now I totally support the notion of “dreaming the impossible dream,” and making it come true, but let’s NOT be tempted to put the cart before the horse.

Barrel racing is a gamble, the competition is tough and the odds aren’t usually in our favor. Even at the very top of our game, we’ll lose more than we win.

If you LOVE running barrels, and if you’re serious about running barrels and competing at a high level, then there’s some leg work to do. Read more