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In Search of SPEED – How to BE Explosive on the Barrel Pattern!

In Search of SPEED - How to BE Explosive on the Barrel Pattern!

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SPEED. We breed for it, we condition for it, we train for it, we feed for it, yet getting the most of it that we can from our barrel horses remains, on many levels – a mystery.

Until now, that is.

Today I’ll be sharing some interesting observations I’ve made about speed, and unconventional tips for creating it, especially when all other avenues have been exhausted.

Many years ago, I was told by a judge in a competition (where I had to ride an unfamiliar horse), that she thought I had a calming effect on horses. That really stuck with me. For a long time I was proud of that comment. It was a little “feather in my hat.”

However, as “my eyes” became better developed, I began to notice other people that had that same calming effect – they were great with nervous or young horses, but when it came to running barrels, these people (and their horses) were S-L-O-W. Read more

How to Use Body Language to “Go and Whoa”

How to Use Body Language to

I once came across a definition of impulsion recently that described it as the equal balance of “go and whoa.”

So if we have more “go,” or more “whoa,” we not only lose impulsion, but chances are we won’t win the barrel race either!

In a world where tiny fractions of a second can be life changing, maintaining this balance becomes a very delicate matter. Our horses must be able to deliver every ounce of speed they can muster between barrels, and then rate down for the turns like a jet engine in reverse.

Make going by barrels a thing of the past.
Make going by barrels a thing of the past.

It’s not uncommon for horses to get too much run on their mind and lose their “whoa,” OR start anticipating the turn so much that they can no longer be driven up into the turn. When we’ve reached to either of these extremes, it’s well past time to take action to correct the problem.

But a barrel racer must specifically understand HOW, which is what this week’s Q&A video is all about.

If a rider’s hands don’t educate a horse appropriately, in time a horse will become more and more dull to their pulling. If a rider uses their body to constantly urge a lazy horse to keep moving, soon their urges lose their meaning as well.
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The Barrel Racer’s Guide to Speed

The Barrel Racer's Guide to Speed

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I’ve created a very special 10-page guide on the subject of SPEED, and how to get every bit of it you possibly can from your horse in competition.

And now The Barrel Racer’s Guide to Speed Development is available as FREE gift with purchase of Secrets to Barrel Racing Success.Barrel Racer's Speed Guide

In fact, I devoted the entire Speed Changes Everything chapter in ‘The Secrets’ to the topic, and went in-depth to discuss some of the main contributing factors, those being:

– Natural Talent
– Weight
– Soundness
– Conditioning
– Foot Placement
– Foundation
– Rider

Also described are the specific challenges speed presents to barrel racers and their horses, AND how to overcome them.

I could go on and on about speed!  

In fact when I wrote this, I emailed the BarrelRacingTips.com community and shared EVEN MORE tips for helping to reveal speed in the barrel horse (if you don’t want to miss out on these additional winning tips, be sure to sign up below).

To give you a sneak peek into the Speed Guide, I’ve added an excerpt from the introduction below, as well as details describing what this rare guide reveals to barrel racers.

Enjoy the first page from The Barrel Racer’s Guide to Speed Development:

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