TEN Steps to Plan, Prepare & Expect to WIN in the New Year!

TEN Steps to Plan, Prepare & Expect to WIN in the New Year!

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Have you heard that many young couples put more time & effort into planning their wedding, than planning their marriage?

It’s a shame to think that happens, but a lot of people also put more time & effort into planning their New Year’s Eve celebrations than they do planning their New Year.

Just like any great barrel run requires a good start in the alley – when we prepare ourselves with a great beginning, we set ourselves up for success in everything we do.

Make your barrel racing dreams come true in the new year.

No matter what time of year (or month, or day) it is, don’t underestimate the power of planning for success!

The ten tips below were developed to help catapult you toward your wildest barrel racing dreams in the new year.

My wish is that 12 months from now, you’ll look back and realize you’ve gone above and beyond!

To begin, let’s…

1. Look in the Rearview – A big part (and the first part) of planning a successful new year comes in reflecting on the past year. This is a great way to realize what’s working, what’s not, AND start thinking about what to do about it!

Below are some questions to get you started…
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Out with the Goals, In with the New – What Do You Desire in the New Year?

Out with the Goals, In with the New

Every year, the excitement of the NFR inspires many barrel racers to blast down the alley at the Thomas and Mack themselves one day.

However, spectators often only see the more glamorous side of professional barrel racing, represented by the beautiful blinged-out women and horses that race through the pattern night after night.

What they don’t see or experience in the stands or in front of the TV are the many no-so-glamorous hours and miles that go into making a National Finals Rodeo qualification a reality.  With a ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse into the world of professional barrel racing, many of those with NFR dreams would be deterred pretty quickly.  But then, there are those few of us who are not deterred at all… Read more