Start Strong to Finish FAST – Catch the Correct Lead for a Stress-Free Alley Set Up Every Time

Start Strong to Finish FAST – Catch the Correct Lead for a Stress-Free Alley Set Up Every Time

The degree of responsiveness we NEED at the gate is NOT conditional – it HAS to hold up in any and all circumstances, even (and especially) when energy and adrenaline is high.

For some it’s not quite responsiveness that’s a problem, but the horse’s emotional stability. Ever catch yourself tip toeing around ever so subtly as you ask your horse to get in position because he’s SO reactive at the gate that he’s borderline unpredictable or dangerous?

If that’s the case it’s a different kind of problem, yet it also needs to be addressed before we can truly be set up for a successful run in the alley.

I addressed both these issues and more in today’s NEW Pro Members video post.

Even if you have a history of little to no alley drama, consider for a moment that with a more attention to very specific positioning and weight balance that your horse could carry that same enhanced athleticism and posture through the turns and all the way home.

YEP – alley positioning is that detailed, that pervasive and that critical.

Seconds count, 100ths of a second count – so when your horse’s mind is focused like a laser and his body educated and in perfect position, he’s better able can cut a sharp, fast path through cans.

When we break it down, there are physical aspects to the perfect alley set up that have everything with your horse’s comfort and biomechanics, there are mental (educational) aspects, and of course the emotional part.

In the video below, I’ve taken you through the steps including numerous tips for resolving each type of problem. ENJOY!

Utilize the concepts from the How to Fix a Wide Turn on the Barrels post to establish feather light responsiveness to leg cues, or click here for a convenient “Refine Responsiveness” printable PDF!

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