Ride with Me VIP Experience Barrel Racing Weekend

Has this ever happened to you?

You stumble across a new training technique, have a light bulb moment with your horse, or claim a new mentor.

You get your hopes up… but eventually once again feel disappointed and let down.

If you’ve ever felt this way, you’re not alone. I have SO been there – we’ve ALL been there!

If you wish you could fast-forward your barrel racing progress, and actually get to the part where there’s more consistent WINS and feelings of satisfaction & achievement, then you’re in the right place!

Heather Smith, Barrel Racing Coach

If you legitimately have been applying yourself and working hard, but you’re tired of the extreme ups and downs (mostly downs), and your results just aren’t lining up with all the effort you’ve put forth, I have an exciting opportunity for you.

As you know, I’m Heather Smith.

Several years ago I was just like you. I had BIG goals, and even bigger ambition. I was relentless in the development of myself and my horses to accomplish my barrel racing dreams.

You see, I did ALL the right “barrel racing things.”  I had a talented young horse. I went to the clinics, I rode with and mentored under pros, I busted my tail every day, and… I drank the Kool-aid.

Long story short, I was still clocking sometimes more than a second off the pace. My mentors at the time didn’t always have concrete answers.

I’d get excited thinking that one small improvement would be the missing link, only to feel frustrated and disappointed yet again.

At times, I felt like I’d done all I could do. My lack of progress didn’t make sense and I felt incredibly alone.

I was 100% serious about being competitive at the highest levels, yet I also had specific principles and values I was not willing to waver on.  I refused to take actions that would sacrifice my horse’s physical or mental well-being, which seemed to make it even more difficult to find professionals I resonated with.

But then, through a fateful a chain of events – I discovered the true keys to my horse’s heart, mind, and body.

After being a dedicated student of barrel racing and horsemanship much of my life, more than ten years ago I made some discoveries that literally turned everything around… and turned back the clock.

I finally experienced major breakthroughs by going down paths that most barrel racers simply don’t go.

Finally the puzzle pieces were fitting together. Finally things were starting to click – and we were starting to clock!  It wasn’t just one big “ah-ha” moment, it was many that all connected and corresponded with each other.

You see, my struggles weren’t entirely on me. I was more than doing my part (much like you are!).

But there’s a huge deficit in the barrel racing world. It’s as if we’re wearing blinders, and in large part the educational system (for timed speed event horses, especially) is broken.

Many of those who are achieving what YOU want to achieve with your horse, can’t quite articulate why what they do works for them and theirs (and certainly not you & yours).

I wanted answers, I wanted the truth, and I wanted the wins I knew in my heart my horse and I were capable of achieving – but no one could quite explain why were missing the mark (and exactly what I needed to do about it)!

Since this major breakthrough period, I’ve been devoted to helping others “crack the code” to their own barrel racing dreams.

And now, for the first time I’m offing an opportunity to help YOU do exactly that faster than ever.

No more bread crumbs on a long, difficult, and often times painful trail.

Yes, it’s time to have the whole enchilada!

By that I mean – an immersive weekend spent riding with me at our new place near Lott, Texas (it’s quite possible there’ll be some actual Mexican food involved, too – I mean we ARE barrel racers, after all)!

Honestly, it’s 100% clear to me now why I struggled so much, for so long.

Now that I look back, I’m grateful for my horsemanship hardships, because those experiences empowered me with “eyes to see” other’s “invisible” obstacles in order to blast through them in a way that nobody else can.

We can create an entirely NEW level of clarity, with a specific action plan for you as well – and break the chains that have held your barrel racing back for good while we’re at it.

“With everything that I have learned we performed the BEST run we have EVER, EVER, EVER had on Saturday!! I had goose bumps from head to toe and was brimming with confidence! I now have a horse running 1D times and have now performed the best run I have ever done on her. There was no pulling, leaning on my hand or attempting to run past the barrel! She was so sooo responsive, thank you heaps for your help!” – Ruby H.

“I’m learning to be one with my horse in a run instead of just running him. He was barely getting by with no effort because he had no bond and no reason to want to please. Since I have implemented your suggestions he is already trying to please me, not just go through the motions.” – Autumn W.

“I had the BEST time this weekend with my horses. I actually came out of the arena after our run with a smile on my face and the first words out of my mouth were “that was fun,” and had compliments from several friends and a notable trainer in our area. He worked GREAT Friday night, I could feel the snap coming back in his turns… we were both so much more focused and he felt ready to work. We were 4/10ths faster… I was SO proud of him. My mare warmed up super and didn’t have any gate/alleyway issues. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for your time, insight and help. So much to be grateful and blessed about in such a short time.” – Kim M.

If it’s time, to not only turn a new page in your barrel racing journey, but write an entirely new story – you’re invited to c’mon over & saddle up!

You individually, or with up to two friends are invited to haul your horse(s) to my place for a very special “Ride with Me VIP Experience Weekend.”

Here’s what it’ll look like:

  • You’re welcome to plug-in and stay in your living quarters trailer, or claim one of the comfortable guest bedrooms in our beautiful, new Texas home.
  • Accommodations for guest horses include three safe & comfortable custom, heavy duty wood/pipe run-in 12×16 (one even larger “suite”) stalls with soft sand footing and connecting 20 x 70′ runs with top rail pipe no-climb horse fence.
  • We have a 140 x 240′ outdoor sand arena to ride and work the barrels in, surrounded by 25 acres of beautiful Central Texas landscape.
  • After getting your horses settled Friday evening, we’ll get to know each other and review your videos (it’s ideal to have some runs handy on your phone, or put together in a YouTube playlist).  I’ll gain a greater understanding of your goals and challenges, and we’ll make a game plan over a casual dinner and generally get a head start.
  • We’ll rise early and spend all of Saturday and Sunday in the specific areas you want to focus on, or as we determine as we go (flexibility is key, since our areas of intended focus may change slightly!).
  • In the process there’s nothing I’ll hold back, and by getting to know you AND your horse in person, I’ll have an intimate level of objectivity to really give you tools to resolve and completely lift the weight of what’s slowing you down – in a way that’s honest and direct, but totally positive, encouraging… and FUN!

You’re getting a horse trainer, WPRA barrel racer, a Licensed Veterinary Technician, equine therapist and bodyworker, a farrier, an equine behaviorist, horsemanship instructor and high performance coach all in one.

I only wish I’d had this kind of opportunity back in the day… and I could have saved myself years, saved my horse’s wear & tear, and got on the path to success much sooner.

I’d love to be the mentor for you I wish had existed for me.

“Tell me your dreams, so they can be mine too. I’m here to help make them come true.”

There’s no limit to how deep we can go, and therefore no limit to the height of your success as a result!

I can share with you in one weekend, what might otherwise take 20 years of trial and error to learn.  Lessons that may never even occur otherwise… things that you may not even realize you need yet.

I want you to grasp right now, especially – that things can improve in ways that you cannot even imagine yet.

Now is the Time to Get on the Fast Track to Barrel Racing Success!

*Do note that because we’re currently still getting set up at our new place, expect for dates to be limited – and scheduled at least one month out at a time (check back often!).

Simply see what works with your schedule based on what’s shows on the calendar, then contact me via email to confirm the weekend is available, and then revisit this page to make your payment (see links below).

To Answer Common Questions:

I don’t offer one-on-one lessons, I’m not scheduling outside clinics right now, and I don’t offer the VIP Experience for one-day only. It’s available only as a full weekend – Friday evening and all-day Saturday and Sunday, and only for 1-3 riders to keep the learning environment personal, intimate and packed full of intense learning and value.

One horse per rider is ideal, but riders (if totaling not more than two) may bring up to two horses, for a total (all together, all participants) of not more than three guest horses.

Parents/guardians of riders under age 18, may audit at no additional charge. Otherwise, auditors (friends interested in watching & learning) may do so for the weekend for $500 (click here to make auditor payment).

Meals are included at no extra charge for paid participants and auditors, but an additional $30/day will be added to the second, final payment amount for parents and/or travel companions (that are not auditors).

Unique Benefits:
You won’t have to waste hours sitting around for superficial, semi-personal attention from an instructor at a clinic. I will have answers for you and actual in-depth explanations with real, live demonstration and immediate feedback and the opportunity to practice new-found insights, so you can go forward feeling solid, secure, clear and confident.

We’ll maximize every moment so you can get the absolute most out of the weekend. We’ll go from sun up to sun down, but at a pace that’s energizing and exciting, and in a way that allows you to embrace and enjoy every aspect of the experience. Of course we’ll take breaks to discuss, digest and rest your horses as needed.

Speaking of that, we can include some amazing “spa time” for your equine partner(s) as well, including EquiVibe whole body vibration, BEMER PEMF therapy, red light and microcurrent therapy (+ training on these modalities) if you wish. As our performance horse’s hoof care provider for 17+ years, we can dive deep into that area if you’d like as well.

It will be intense and revealing, no doubt, but most importantly – FUN!

VIP Experience Pricing




Click Here to make ($500) payment to secure your weekend.
*Down payment is non-refundable. Second half due the Monday before the scheduled weekend and will be invoiced via PayPal.
Click Here to make ($400) payment to secure your weekend.
*Down payment is non-refundable. Second half due the Monday before the scheduled weekend and will be invoiced via PayPal.
Click Here to make ($300) payment to secure your weekend.
*Down payment is non-refundable. Second half due the Monday before the scheduled weekend and will be invoiced via PayPal.

My schedule can vary and availability can change throughout the year.  As my own competition schedule fills up, the opportunity to take advantage of the Ride with Me VIP Experience can become very limited.

Follow the four simple steps below to secure your weekend!

Step One: Click Here to contact me directly to confirm your preferred dates are available (see options in Calendar above).

Step Two: Once you’ve confirmed, return to this page (bookmark it, or access from the LET’S RIDE page in the main navigation menu) and click the appropriate link above to make a safe, online PayPal deposit payment for your VIP Experience weekend.

Step Three: Check your email for confirmation details, a brief questionnaire to complete and submit to me, as well as a waiver/release to print, review and bring with you. *A current, negative Coggins is also required.

Step Four: Get excited to skyrocket YOUR barrel racing success!

If you agree that it’s time to STOP tolerating results that are less than you know you’re capable of, and time to commit to reaching your greatest potential on the pattern, then follow your instinct and click here to drop me an email.

I look forward to receiving your message!

Helping dedicated barrel racers like yourself achieve their greatest goals is my absolute passion and purpose.

I can’t wait to ride with you!

Professional Barrel Racer, Best-Selling Author, and creator of BarrelRacingTips.com