Learn, Turn & Burn with Heather Smith

So… you’ve got no shortage of talent in the horse power department, but maybe you’ve struggled to channel it in a positive direction to get the WINS you have in mind.

OR perhaps things are going well, but after resonating with the content I share, you’d love the opportunity to saddle up to up your game.

Maybe you have a very specific problem like tipped barrels, an issue at the gate, or you’re just NOT clocking.

I get it. It happens, and it’s insanely frustrating.

Learn, Turn & Burn.

But it doesn’t have to be.

You CAN develop educated, confident, high-achieving equine athletes, AND make your barrel racing dreams REALITY.

I’m now offering additional options to help you do that.

Other than my best selling book series, below I’ve shared how I currently connect with dedicated barrel racers like yourself.

The first is to work with me one-on-one in the form of video coaching to take YOUR runs to a whole new level.

Advancing your horsemanship and barrel racing doesn’t have to be limited by location – the Power Hour or Friendtorship Package are perfect options regardless of your geographic location (or mine, which changes a lot).

Beyond that, the NEW Ride with Me VIP Experience is an opportunity for you & up to two friends to stay and ride with me for a fun & educational weekend at our place in Central Texas.

Whether you’re a barrel racing newbie or a seasoned pro, there couldn’t be a better time to ensure that when YOU blast through the gates this season that it’s with complete confidence, so that your results will not only bring a smile to your face, but winnings to your pocket.

Let me save you time, spare you frustration and help you receive just as much enjoyment and satisfaction in return for ALL you’ve invested into your barrel racing!

Video Coaching

This is your chance to rent my eyes & brain for an hour at a time and reap the rewards forever!

Here’s how it works: First, you’ll choose a date and time from a selection of available spots on my Calendly calendar.

Next, you’ll make an easy online payment to book your single POWER HOUR session or the start of your three-month FRIENDTORSHIP, and will automatically be sent a short questionnaire to fill me in on what you’re needing guidance with most.

You’ll return the completed questionnaire (where you’re welcome to include a link to a YouTube videos up to 10 minutes long) within 24 hours before our scheduled time, so I can carefully review your deets and do some brainstorming.

Then, at the specified date and time you’ll give me a jingle on the phone and I’ll help you strategize and develop an action plan to get on track toward the WINS we both know you’re quite capable of!

You’ll take action, tweak & tune, and be amazed by the results! Did I mention it’ll be a whole lotta FUN?

If this sounds like a dreamy way to get a huge step closer to achieving your barrel racing goals, then click here for more details.

I look forward to getting YOUR Video Coaching session on the books!

Ride with Me VIP Experience

Temporarily on hold while we get our new place set up!

Nothing compares to the blast we’ll have in person and on horseback as we break things down to move on up in an intense, immersive, small-group horsemanship + barrel racing clinic I’m titling the ‘Ride with Me VIP Experience.’

You and up to two friends are invited to bring your horses and join me for a fun & educational weekend at our place in Central Texas.

You’re welcome to plug-in and stay in your living quarters trailer, or claim one of the comfortable guest bedrooms in our beautiful Texas home.

Accommodations for horses include three safe, spacious and comfortable sheltered pens with no-climb horse fence, and a 140 x 240′ outdoor arena to ride and work the barrels in.

We’ll get a head start on Friday, then rise early and spend all of Saturday and Sunday in the specific areas you want to focus on (which can also include equine therapy & hoof care), or as we determine as we go (flexibility is key – since our areas of intended focus may change as we go!).

In the process there’s nothing I’ll hold back, and by getting to know you and your horse in person, I’ll have an intimate level of objectivity to really give you tools to resolve and completely lift the weight of what’s slowing you down – in a way that’s honest and direct, but totally positive, encouraging… and FUN!

Click here for more details and available dates!

Training, Clinics, Courses & Lessons

*Although I’m not accepting horses for training, booking outside clinics, offering online courses or hourly lessons at this time, please click here to subscribe for FUTURE clinic/course news, learning opportunity updates and details via email.