How to Restore and Maintain Soundness with Quality Movement and Healthy Biomechanics

How to Restore and Maintain Soundness with Quality Movement and Healthy Biomechanics

If you’ve ever experienced the heartbreak of nursing a barrel horse through a potentially career-ending injury, you’re probably extra motivated to do everything possible to prevent it from happening again!

While there are legitimately things we cannot control in life, there are many more things we CAN control that we don’t even realize.

Did you know for example, that many people mistake posture for conformation? Or did you know that your horse’s “style” on the pattern can actually be changed?

While genetics certainly DO play a big part in how our horses look and move, the WAY in which we ask our horses to arrange their bodies (and the reward they receive for doing so) can be literally life-changing.

Developing healthy movement patterns not only has the power to change a horse’s seemingly innate “style,” it can also completely change a horse’s physique.

While it’s easy to consider the way a horse looks or moves as “just the way he is,” the truth is that we have a TON of influence over how our horses use their mind and body – anyone that tells you otherwise, probably doesn’t yet know HOW!

In 2013, something told me that my equine soul mate’s career was not yet over, but we were at a dead end with conventional forms of rehabilitation.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

*Always consult with a Vet. to diagnose lameness and approve conditioning programs.

Healthy biomechanics have now played a huge part in bringing my horses back from injuries and mysterious, subtle on again/off again lamenesses, and it has the power to the same for you – whether you’re looking to restore pain-free freedom of movement and performance, or simple maintain it for years to come.

Are YOU ready to open your mind to the possibilities?

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  1. Peppers5
    Peppers5 says:

    Hi Heather. This intel an video came at the right time. Nick has sustained a stifle injury I’m to begin rehab on this Sunday. This ground exercise, when he’s capable will enhance his strength for better movement and conditioning. In the meantime, my mare begin to receive the benefits. Thank you! I’ll let you know in a month or so how both are progressing.

  2. caitro13
    caitro13 says:

    Tried this over the weekend with my horse. His head dropped, his movement improved and became more consistent, and he was much calmer on the ride! Thank you Heather for the great content, knowledge, and hard work.

    • Heather Smith
      Heather Smith says:

      Woo hoo, glad to hear it! It’s so amazing – Dot Com is getting more and more solid and it’s certainly transferring over under saddle as well. It’s my pleasure to help – keep up the GREAT work! 🙂

  3. Jackie D
    Jackie D says:

    Will these exercises work the same in a round pen and not on a lunge line? My horses don’t work on a line but to work in a round pen.

    • Heather Smith
      Heather Smith says:

      I think I’ve been able to be more quick and effective on line but as long as the communication level in a round pen is already pretty advanced, you could sure still to it and get some positive results. You just need to be able to gently ask them to stop for some peace + comfort when they do well and have them respond quickly so they make a mental connection and understand that’s what you were looking for. If they don’t stop right away or if you have to get kind of radical to shut them down, it might not be as effective. The same could be said on line too of course, how effective you are at really teaching them to move better in either case just depends on how advanced you and your horse are with responsiveness and timing, etc. 🙂 Hope that helps!


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