How to Kick Bad Habits and Build Confidence

How to Kick Bad Habits and Build Confidence

There’s no doubt a connection between our riding habits and our level of confidence. As barrel racers, our habits can seem responsible for either building it, or tearing it down. In this week’s Q&A video, Sara asked for help with establishing new riding habits, which she believed would help her stop tipping barrels, and thus start the process of building back confidence where it’s been lost.

The Confident Barrel RacerI made reference to a previous article titled “Kiss Bad Barrel Racing Habits Goodbye!” If you’ve ever experienced frustration when you needed to ride or even position your hand differently in a run, then kept falling back to your old ways, you’re not alone! There’s an explanation for this phenomenon, and it has everything to do with the way our minds and bodies work at speed. The great news is that it IS possible to change your ways, click here to find out how.

In the video below, I also go on to address the subject of confidence and share some unique tips for getting it reestablished in the particular circumstances that Sara has found herself in, which is SO important!

The truth is, you and your horse can have all the talent and skill in the world, but if you don’t have confidence, you’ve lost the barrel race before you even leave the driveway.

If confidence were “easy” to obtain, more of us would be brimming with it. So after many years of personal growth, I decided to share what I had learned and experienced with the goal of making a positive difference in your barrel racing, and your LIFE – in a way that only another barrel racer can.

I’m so excited to have put the finishing touches on The Confident Barrel Racer, which is unlike any other resource out there. Quite frankly, I’ve skipped the fluff and went right to the core of how to build CONFIDENCE!

It’s my hope that you’ll find the book to be of immeasurable value. I’m so excited for you to soak it in, and make the NEW YEAR one where you confidently pursue YOUR barrel racing dreams!

(*The Confident Barrel Racer is no longer available as a gift, but keep reading to learn how to get your copy!)

P.S. You should be forewarned that when you develop an inner foundation of confidence, you also cross “the silly bridge” (as I did at the conclusion of the video, by demonstrating my own version of cowgirl karate)!

*The Confident Barrel Racer started out as a 28 page PDF e-book that was originally developed as a special Christmas gift, and until now was only available to those who purchased Secrets to Barrel Racing Success during the holidays.

If you missed the opportunity to get it in the past, you’re now able your chance to receive this special, one of a kind book in print and for Kindle at a lower price. Click here for details.

P.S. If you’re reading this during the Holiday season, click here to learn how you can get The Confident Barrel Racer audiobook for FREE!

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    • BarrelRacingTips
      BarrelRacingTips says:

      Hi Ronda,
      Thank you for purchasing my book!
      The elves and reindeer have overruled Santa – change of plans!
      “The Confident Barrel Racer” was developed as a special Christmas gift bonus to those who purchase two or more ONE copy of “Secrets to Barrel Racing Success” between now and Dec. 31st. If you already have a personal copy, the book makes a perfect Christmas gift! “The Confident Barrel Racer” is available as a bonus for a limited time, and I don’t have plans to offer it separately right now, but if that changes, I’ll be sure to let everyone know!
      Thanks so much! 🙂

  1. Sharyl Norman
    Sharyl Norman says:

    Great pointers in the video! I will be purchasing some books to get The Guide and have decided – what better thing to pass on to some of the 4-H young people here than your book to help them get started off correctly! So thanks for the inspiration to get confident and also do something good for someone else.

    • BarrelRacingTips
      BarrelRacingTips says:

      Thanks so much Sharyl! I have received feedback from even non-barrel racers on how helpful the book has been, so much of it applies to all areas of horsemanship (and life)! Confidence is really one of the best Christmas gifts I could ever give, happy to share! 🙂
      Thanks again, Heather

  2. Kristen
    Kristen says:

    I just purchased my copy of “Secrets” today (which I am so excited to get) on Amazon. Is there a way to get “The Confident Barrel Racer” or did I need to order it thru a different site?

    Thanks do much!!

  3. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    I bought your book a couple months ago is there anyway I can get “The Confident Barrel Racer”
    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    • BarrelRacingTips
      BarrelRacingTips says:

      Hi Nancy,
      “The Confident Barrel Racer” is a special Christmas gift for anyone who purchases a copy of “The Secrets” between Nov. 1st and Dec. 31st. I don’t have plans to offer it separately for now, but if that changes, I’ll be sure to let you know! You might consider ordering a second copy of “Secrets to Barrel Racing Success” to share as a gift with a friend or local 4-Her?
      Merry Christmas to you and THANKS for purchasing “Secrets to Barrel Racing Success!”


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