Help Celebrate “Secrets to Barrel Racing Success!”

May 1st officially marks the first day of a month long celebration to honor the release of the print version of Secrets to Barrel Racing Success!

Here’s a little ditty to get us started…

A party just isn’t a party without gifts, and there will be plenty of them to go around! 🎁

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To kick off this celebration, first I’d like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to the community.

To those of you who have written with questions, praise and support of the content offered here and of the positive results you’re experiencing through using and implementing the new perspectives, understanding, tools and action steps found in the pages of Secrets to Barrel Racing Success (which until now was ONLY available in e-book format) – THANK YOU so much for connecting.

I LOVE hearing from you! 🤗

Later in the week, I’ll be adding some descriptive details on one of the very special FREE gifts being offered with the purchase of ‘The Secrets,’ which is called The Barrel Racer’s Guide to Speed DevelopmentHow to Reveal the Freaky Fast Athlete in Your Horse.

(Click here if you simply can’t wait!)

Today though, I’d like to share what I feel would be THE BEST GIFT that I could ever receive from YOU (sounds selfish, perhaps, but hear me out)…

I mentioned in this post a while back when I first published the e-book version of Secrets to Barrel Racing Success, that after a lot of personal reflection and growth last year, I got really clear on what I was meant to be, do and have in life, especially BE.

I had actually started adding articles to early in 2011, but it wasn’t until winter that I went full blast on writing my very first book.

Party Animals
Birthdays or book launches, we know how to party!

Now my fearful inner critic (we ALL have one) would have liked to have convinced me that to write a book on barrel racing, I would need current, formal education on “how to write,” a couple years time to get the book written, a publisher, AND of course a world championship title, etc.

In the end, (thankfully) my “inner wisdom” won this debate.

Last fall I had a vision on how I could use my talents, skills, knowledge, gifts and experience to serve.

This web site, Secrets to Barrel Racing Success, and now the entire book series is the result!

Once I gained that clarity – there was no stopping me. I KNEW at my core, that I had something that could really help a lot of people, IF I shared it.

Suddenly, it no longer mattered whether I had the ability to share it in a way that (by some standards) would be “perfect.” After all, when it comes to helping others – is there really a “right way,” or a good reason to wait? In fact, with this new perspective, it actually seemed a little selfish NOT to share!

What I’m getting to, is that the best gift you could give ME, is to take this little reflection of my personal journey – to heart.

What are you holding back on because the “timing isn’t right?” What are you waiting for until “some day?” Think about what you love doing more than anything – are you doing it EVERY DAY? Do you ever feel like you’ll “be happy when” you cross a certain (ever moving) finish line?

Don’t take as long as I did to realize that the time to take a stand for doing and being what you love is NOW. The time to share your gifts is NOW. The time to be happy is NOW. There is no time that is not NOW!

Don’t let perfection turn into procrastination. Launch and learn!

On the subject of gifts, there’s yet one more, that I would really LOVE receiving from you.

It’s NOT necessarily that you BUY ‘The Secrets,’ or even READ it (although both of those things might be necessary for the latter part) – but it’s that you TAKE ACTION ON and IMPLEMENT what you read, and then EXPAND on it.

Secrets to Barrel Racing SuccessTake what you learn and keep adding to it, AND SHARE what you learn with your horses (especially), but ALSO with others.

(Click here for a cool “forward to a friend” link.)

I read A LOT. I KNOW it’s very easy to skip over those action steps listed at the back of each chapter.

Make an exception this time.

Take The Secrets to Barrel Racing Success and RUN with them. In fact, RUN FAST!

I’m confident they’ll lead you in a positive direction – and I CAN’T WAIT to hear all about it!

For me, that is THE BEST GIFT of all.

I know with certainty that I’m on a path that was meant just for me, but I admit, it’s still pretty fun to receive feedback that validates this path.

I’m going to continue creating and delivering valuable content (I have some REALLY great stuff in the works) for barrel racers like you who are committed to personal development – all with my own unique, “perfectly imperfect” personal twist!

It’s my pleasure and honor to have you ride with me!

Click here to ‘saddle up’ with The Secrets.

With gratitude – LET’S PARTY! 🎉

Heather Smith

12 replies
  1. Patti Roberts
    Patti Roberts says:

    Congratulations on your decision and listening to your inner self! What great words of advise to help others which obviously comes from your hear. Can’t wait to get my hard copy as sometimes after a competition or just a day of riding, I might like to sit down at night and read some tips!
    Great job!

    • BarrelRacingTips
      BarrelRacingTips says:

      Thanks so much Patti for your kind words! My book includes both “food for thought,” to really get your wheels turning AND many actionable steps and tools! Thanks for celebrating with me!

  2. Pam
    Pam says:

    I’m after many years getting back into Barrel Racing, now my our kids are grown and on their own, my husband and I can go back to doing what we did prior to children. I know that may sound bad, but it was feed the kids or feed the horses and moving from California to Texas, unfortunately the horses are the ones that got left behind. Im excited that there are more resources out there to help me to fulfill my dream of barrel racing once again. Thank you for your dedication to the sport and enjoyment of an elite group of people Barrel Racers!!!

    • BarrelRacingTips
      BarrelRacingTips says:

      Hi Pam, Ah yes, the “seasons of life” tend to shift our priorities! Kiddos are only little once, like horses, the support you provide in their formative years will shape them for life, kudos to you for putting them first! And congrats for moving on to another “season” where horses can take a more leading role! You’re so right, there IS alot more educational information available now days, thank goodness! I love learning, and love sharing! 🙂 Thanks for your comments!

  3. Hope
    Hope says:

    HEATHER you rock :)Loved the book and reread parts everyday.Thanks for sharing your wisdom and thoughts to other barrel racers. Look toward to your weekly tips.So happy you are following your inner self. You ve done such a great job.

  4. Shawna Letcher
    Shawna Letcher says:

    “Secrets to Barrel Racing Success” is a must read for anyone who is interested in improving their own horsemanship! I am always looking for knowledge to help improve my career as a barrel horse trainer and Heather has done just that in this book!

    Shawna Letcher

  5. Hillary
    Hillary says:

    Yes! I have been waiting on this! I know the book is going to be great! I have been using your tips from the website and so far I am getting better results out of my horses! I actually got a place at my last horseshow. I was so proud and I tell people I am proud when the horses make an improvement! I can’t wait to get the whole book-and will be! Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to look at me and look at my horses and to help give them the confidence WE have been needing!


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