Are You Ready to Go PRO?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your true readiness for achieving barrel racing success?

If you honestly ranked yourself an 8 or higher, then I have a special invitation for you.

In the the past few months I’ve been applying the lessons and experiences I immersed myself in during the last couple YEARS and putting them all into action – AND to the test with my personal horses.

This has all been in preparation for and support of my return to competition.

I’m empowered now in ways I haven’t been in the past, and I won’t be the only one hitting the rodeo road – I’ll be helping my husband and Dot Com get their game on too!

I’d love for YOU to join us on this journey – creating happy, healthy timed- speed event horses that feel great, LOVE their job, and DO it very well!

Running barrels isn’t something we do TO or even ON our horses, it can be something we do FOR and WITH them (there’s a difference) – truly making it a WIN/WIN!

Barrel Racing Tips Pro Membership

When we go about it this way, reaching our greatest potential (and theirs) is the natural result.

I know you’re interested in being THE BEST, just like I am.

That’s why I started doing “40 day practices” a few years ago. It’s a simple form of personal development anyone can do to learn about a specific topic, become more aware and make lasting, positive change.

While it’s common to specifically embark on a 40 DAY practice, many experts believe that changing a habit only takes 21 days.

Well I met in the middle and consciously dove into specific areas to advance my barrel racing 30 DAYS at a time over the past 18 months and I’m offering YOU a front row seat!

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Here are the monthly topics we’ve covered:

JANUARY: Goal Setting/Equine Nutrition

FEBRUARY: Foundation Training for Barrel Racing

MARCH: Rider Fitness & Development

APRIL: Targeted Drills, Exercises & Conditioning

MAY: Mental Game (for Horses & Humans)

JUNE: Pre-Barrel Prep & Pattern Work

JULY: Hauling, Seasoning & Competing

AUGUST: Problem Solving Solution Creating

SEPTEMBER: Physical Horse Health & Therapy

OCTOBER: Equine Behavior/Management

NOVEMBER: Tools & Equipment for Effectiveness

DECEMBER: Wrangler National Finals Rodeo!

Barrel Racing Tips Pro MembershipThe list above is not only a publication schedule for the content I share here at, but it’s actually my personal calendar as well!

I’ve shared the steps I take to get myself, my husband, and our horses at our absolute best, and we’ve dove really deep – leaving no stone left unturned in our quest for ultimate preparation and high-level success.

So you wanna join the PRO TEAM? I’d LOVE for you to come along!

As we’ve progressed and created horse and human breakthroughs, in the Pro Member Package I’ve offered:

  • Access to a collection of 50+ members-only articles and videos on the topics listed above
  • A Discussion Forum to ask questions and connect with like-minded peers
  • Content that’s A LOT more up close and personal – like riding together in person
  • Challenges and action steps to keep you accountable and progressive
  • Descriptions of WHAT to do, and HOW to do it to create consistent, positive results
  • Instructional, action-packed videos filmed with multiple horses
  • Clarity for building a foundation so solid that barrel racing success is nearly inevitable
  • Horse makeovers with updates featuring before and after video footage and photos
  • Secrets to understanding what makes your horse tick + exercises based on their needs
  • Tips for improving your riding – never be out of sync or in your horse’s way again!
  • Consistent structure and support to help you stay inspired and on track
  • Pre-run plans to help you and your horse be cool, calm, confident and focused
  • How to’s for specifically conditioning for more strength, SPEED, soundness & longevity
  • Tips for awareness and feel to create more mental connection and responsiveness
  • Suggestions to communicate at speed vs. just ‘chasing’ horses through the pattern
  • Support for developing confident equine athletes with the desire and ability to clock & WIN

As you can imagine I’ve put a TON of time and effort into sharing all this.

Since 2011 I’ve posted over 160 valuable, FREE one-of-a-kind videos and articles, as well as emails full of tips every single Tuesday now for nearly 300 weeks in a row!

I’ve done this because I’m super passionate about making a difference in the barrel racing world.

Offering easily accessible information is important to me. Getting feedback like this is why:

“This powerful video is exactly what I needed!!! Thank you for sharing your incredible tips and expertise in such an approachable and passionate way. You approach has helped our performance. Thank you!!!!” – Tara L.


“I just wanted to say a big thanks to you! It is crazy how much your info has helped me already and it has only been a couple of weeks! With your articles I have gotten down to the base of my barrel racing problems and they are improving already (the problem was me btw). Thanks a million!!”Allanah B.


“I found your website and started using your tips, drills and advice and they have made the world of difference. I love the article I read just recently about a horse needing to make the decision to behave at a race, not to just keep “holding” them in control. They need to make a choice as well! Loved that one!”Avery B.


“Thank you SO much for creating I was especially having problems with the first barrel (not rating), so I came to your website, found an article, and it worked like a charm! Thanks again, Heather. I will continue to check your website regularly.” – Ellie J.

If you’re reading this right now, I know you’re dedicated to being your best, which is why I’ve created this special, members-only version of – just for YOU.

Barrel Racing Tips Pro Membership

With the Pro Package, you’ll receive access to Pro content covering ALL the topics I’ve shared above for a one-time investment of just $19.95.

Signing up and viewing the valuable articles and videos is EASY, even if you’re not so technologically inclined.

Below are the SIMPLE STEPS to REGISTER and NAVIGATE your Pro Package.

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  • You can also utilize the Hot Topics image links in the right column of ANY Articles + Tips page, or use the top right search bar to visit archives of the Pro and/or FREE content.
  • The Pro Package version of looks and feels the same – the difference is that when logged in, YOU will have access to special articles and videos that non-members do not.
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So are you ready to saddle up? To get closer, go deeper, and invest in your barrel racing future – not just for YOU, but for your HORSES as well!?

Barrel Racing Tips Pro Membership

Remember, you weren’t put on this Earth to play small.

Lately I’ve been coaching my husband Craig and his gelding, Dot Com for just a few minutes each evening and their progress has been phenomenal – I’m SO proud of them.

Craig’s already an amazing team roper (a Reserve World Champion, no less) but now he’s REALLY becoming a horseman.

THAT is something special, and it makes pursuing ANY equestrian discipline SO much more FUN, FAST & easy.

Consider for a moment that it’s possible for YOUR horsemanship and barrel racing to improve in ways you haven’t even yet imagined.

Whether your goal is to prepare young horses for local playdays, bump up a “D” at big divisional events, fill your WPRA permit and officiallyGo Pro,” or even qualify for the NFR – the Pro Package provides POWERFUL guidance and support for taking your barrel racing to the next level.

It’s a one-time payment of only $19.95 now.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch!

I look forward to “riding together” – and I’ll see YOU in the Discussion Forum!

With sincere thanks and gratitude, 😉

Barrel Racer, Best-Selling Author, and creator of