They’re Like Barrel Racing Books, Only Different

You’re inspired… and intrigued.

Perhaps you appreciate my approach to barrel racing, and maybe even acknowledge that there’s a little something missing in your own program.

You’ve applied yourself and worked hard, but you also realize that taking your barrel racing game to a higher level, requires a higher level of awareness.

If you’re ready to dissolve what’s standing in the way of your wildest barrel racing dreams, then I’m your gal.

I’m Heather Smith, the creator of and author of a one-of-a-kind book series that will turn your runs around – AND turn back the clock.

Below are FOUR OPTIONS to get started TODAY on the fast track to barrel racing success.


Volume I - Secrets to Barrel Racing Success

Barrel racers are often mislead. But it’s time we stopped looking for success in all the wrong places, and understood the real reasons for slow times, tipped barrels, behavior problems, and more.

Secrets to Barrel Racing Success provides an integral foundation, yet far from just the basics, it provides insights to demystify even the most advanced concepts.

The secret to winning lies in becoming aware of and dissolving the lesser-known blocks standing in the way of success. In the process, a path is cleared for each barrel racer to achieve their greatest potential.

Once ‘the secrets’ are revealed, winning becomes possible.

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Volume II - The First 51 Barrel Racing Exercises

Get the critical elements necessary for achieving positive results with any barrel racing exercise. Includes in-depth explanations of why and when certain exercises are appropriate, as well as how they should be implemented to be most effective.

Within many of the exercises featured are actually several exercises described with possibilities for variation and expansion to build upon, advance, and customize to meet the needs of each individual horse and rider.

Gain benefit from the strategies and actions steps for developing physical and mental engagement in barrel horses, resulting in greater responsiveness, communication and connection.

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The Confident Barrel Racer

A short, yet life-changing book developed for barrel racers looking to overcome self-doubt and WIN the mental game.

It covers eight key areas including the challenges of competition, how to get off the emotional roller coaster, two key relationships necessary for success, how to master your conscious and subconscious mind, improve your self-image, daily practices and more.

Included are specific tips for channeling nervous energy into positive excitement and getting in “the zone” for laser-like focus to perform your best.

Concludes with two special bonus sections featuring additional resources and insight for developing a confident barrel horse.

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NEW! Volume III – The Next 50 Barrel Racing Exercises

Improve your results on the pattern with advanced exercises to reveal potential in horse and human alike – including steps for more quickness and agility in a run, groundwork for balanced equine biomechanics, fine tuning techniques for each individual barrel, as well as entire chapters dedicated to the subjects of engagement, refining maneuverability and speed development.

Take what’s already good and make it great by refining your horse’s responsiveness, form, and responsibility, as well as prepare yourself to be the athletic, confident jockey your horse deserves. If you’re ready to shave time off the clock and enter the alley with confidence – knowing you’ve developed a horse that is fit, strong, educated, connected and prepared to WIN, “The Next 50 Barrel Racing Exercises” is for you.

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