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I’m Heather Smith, and my goal for is to deliver more valuable resources than you ever dreamed possible by delivering education, inspiration and implementation you can use immediately to get results.

Essentially, I’m here to help you WIN.

Before we go further, I’ll say that in my book, a winner takes personal responsibility to reveal the greatest potential within themselves, and is committed to developing their ability to reveal it in each individual horse they throw a leg over. 

Winning is more than a destination, for me it encompasses a way of developing barrel horses that creates positive results in the arena, while also keeping the horse’s long term mental, emotional and physical well-being in mind. 

This belief is driven by a genuine and foundational love of horses. I certainly resonate with this quote from six-time NRHA World Champion, Bob Loomis…

“Some people love what horses do for them. I just love horses.”

To sum it up – I believe in principles and methods that allow BOTH human and horse to WIN. 

This passion leads everything I do, and is at the forefront of all the educational opportunities and resources I offer.  That’s not where it ends, however; because I do also love the challenges of competition.

Competing is about striving to be the best at a given time, on a given day, under a certain set of circumstances that we don’t have control over.  Add SPEED to the mix and it’s safe to say that barrel racing is not only a thrill, but is the ultimate test of connection between horse and rider. 

It’s an opportunity to take something great, and make it even better. 

Many of my own lessons were hard-earned. When I realized what did work and why, it ignited a passion for sharing these “secrets” with the barrel racing world, and thus, and my book series, was born. 

I’m committed to bringing you not only the support, tools, knowledge, skills and more, that the barrel racing world didn’t have access to many years ago, but resources that even in today’s age, aren’t available anywhere else. 

The resources I provide are intended to help barrel racers of all levels learn to solve problems at their source, rather than just mask symptoms. 

I go deep to reveal the truth, the real Secrets to Barrel Racing Success.”  

Pistol Smiling
All work and no play makes Pistol a dull boy!

It’s my goal to offer quality, easy to understand, and hard to find information necessary not just to train and maintain a barrel horse, but help you reveal the greatest potential within yourself and your horses.

The resources I share are not based on one person’s opinion of what works, but are based upon ways of communicating with horses that they instinctively understand.  

I have found time and again, that when we take the time it takes to develop our horses and our own foundations, we get a lot further, a lot faster.

In the process, limitations are replaced with endless possibilities

What sets apart even further is not just the fresh, original, eye-opening, results-generating content I share, but the way in which it’s delivered – which is positive, inspirational, and FUN!

“I love getting my barrel racing tips! They’re my jolt outta bed to saddle up and get going!”
– Haley B.


“I look at every message that comes through, I read all of them and there’s not one that I haven’t learned something from.” – Shannon


“I light up every time I see a new email from you. I can’t wait to put everything else a side, to hear about your discoveries and advice.” – Detanie M.

So Sign Up for weekly WINNING TIPS below and visit often (you’ll ALSO receive a copy of my “Guide to Independence on the Barrel Pattern” featuring 12-time NFR barrel racer, Kay Blandford – my gift to you)! 

I’m always adding to the unique collection of articles, videos, books, a library of resources and more developed just for you – inspiring you to learn, grow, and let go of what’s holding YOU back.

When you’re looking for something specific, see the category links on the Articles + Videos page, and feel free to utilize the search bar in the upper right corner.

If you’re ready for a change, if you’re ready to achieve REAL, lasting success in AND out of the arena, then you’re in the right place.

And I’m so glad you’re here!

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